Beauty Cats

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Hello friends! make a post with the image of a dog where it indicates the animals offer their love unconditionally. imageIn this opportunity I want to talk about the cats, those mini lions that we have in our home. Many people say that they are not as warm as dogs, I disagree because cats are pets as loving as dogs. Cats are friendly, affectionate and even playful as long as they have an excellent connection with their owners. So if you are a cat lover, give him a thumbs up to the post. Happy day! ;)


In 1987 cats overtook dogs as the number one pet in America.

Woww.. Excelent!! I love the animals. Thanks ;)

Cats step with both left legs, then both right legs when they walk or run.

super interesting as they are so agile and at the same time so beautiful As I say they are mini Lions. <3