Out of the box solution for strays (truly amazing: must see!)

in #animals5 years ago

Today I came across this inspiring initiative for raising awareness with local population regarding strays.

I really like the out of the box thinking from the makers: combining recycling, taking care of animals, raising awareness, inspiring people and turn this into a functional product.

In the back of my mind I'm already racing for ideas to get this to the spanish community (Or the spanish strays because they deserve and need this) and how to realize this on a small scale. Although I know you should have the local municipality and law on "your" side. But perhaps we can help them a little bit:).

This is just a minor piece of the puzzle to a structural solution of the way stray dogs and other animals are threated. But the way of thinking......combining ideas, creating common goals between different sectors and thus come up with sustainable solutions: truly amazing!

Do you know more of these products, ideas....which inspire and raise attention for this issue or animal rights in general? Please share in your comments🙏!


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