📷 Dog with a hat / Boa - Bernese Mountain Dog

in animals •  2 years ago

Hi, folks

my dog Boa loves to wear a hat when is hot in Zagreb (Croatia). Now is 38 degrees and we are sweating in our apartment. Boa is a bernese mountain dog and her natural habitat are mountains.

bo še 2.jpg

She is 10 years old and she likes to cuddle very often.

bo še 3.jpgShe is dog from my girlfriend's parents but now she is at Zagreb because she is waiting operation of her hips. Dogs in her age often have problems with hips.

bo še 4.jpg

Her best friend is dog Edo and I made drawings of her and Edo :)


edo.jpgNow it's time to take walk with Boa so I'm ending this post. Enjoy in pics :)

Greetings from Zagreb!


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Great post: great place and great photographs! What else? ;) @mikisolus

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