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As I told you in my first post, I love animals... So I have a few living with me and I wanted to introduce them to you all.

I have dogs, cats and parrots. The best of all is that they get along with each other, they're friends.
To me they're not just pets, they're my babies and I love speding time with them, they make me feel so happy and I know they feel the same way when they see me. It's so soothing for me as for them to give them love.

This is my dog Vito, my dad found him when he was just about two months old and we take care of him since then. This is him when he was just a baby:


And this is Vicky (and me), my cousin brought her when she was just a baby too and Vicky is living with us since my cousin had to move to another country. She's 12 years old now... She likes to eat and sleep all day.


As I told you, I also have cats... A few years ago I found two cats and took them to my house. One of them gave birth like twice and then anothe gave birth too and so I realized I had too many cats...

I don't have a name for him but he is my most beloved baby, he loves to fall asleep in my arms:


Another cat and Vito aren't just friends but accomplices too because when dinner time comes somehow they managed to open the door every night to get inside the house and eat the food... It's kinda funny. Don't let him seduce you with his look:


I'll talk about the rest in another post, hope you liked them.

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beautiful post and very beautiful your pets, thanks for sharing them with us


Thaaank you :)

I love Vito and all the others :) many blessings @mariaazabalap thanks for sharing

Take a look at my latest post about cats in stamps :)

regards from Costa Rica


Vito is way too bigger now, it's been 3 years since we found him... I'll show you in another post. Thank you a lot, I will.