Lola 🎊😁

in #animals3 years ago

Good morning!

My beloved cat gave birth to two adorable kittens.


  • Honestly, I didn't expect. For me this was a surprise. The cat is called Lola. She is not any cat. She is the most loving cat. Whenever I go somewhere, she follows me. I find it very nice to be so attached to me. I'm sure the animals feel our mood and our intentions on them.
  • The cat isn' t big, which did not make me think she might have kittens soon. When I saw the miracle, I felt like a grandmother.
    As the cat was on her first experience of this kind, it was very difficult for me to make her complete as a mother.
  • The kittens needed milk. And that's not how I thought it would be. Lola didn' t stand. When I put her down and the kittens were feeding , Lola was moving because she thought I was playing with her.


  • I had to spend many days with her and little ones to make sure they ate. After 7 days where I stayed almost 12 13 hours only with them, I succeeded. The cat started to stay with them, to sleep all night with them, to care for them. And they grew up. I feel so proud that I was able to help the kittens.

             Have a nice day!