Beware of the Crazy Squirrels! A love story, between two young lovers in the park and a crazed squirrel...

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Squirrels may seem cute and cuddly, but they are dangerous. They also love our nicest parks. This is the story of my buddy Tommy who took his fiance to the park on a romantic walk...


Tommy and his fiance were have a wonderful walk in the park, when suddenly Tommy was greeted by a friendly squirrel. Notice how happy Tommy is now:

Things quickly escalated, the squirrel went nuts! It ran up Tommy's leg! Tommy had to grab him. Look, Tommy is no longer on a happy date:


Squirrels are very dangerous! The date ended with a trip to the hospital with significant work up:


Despite his grisly wound, Tommy survived, but was sick for a about a month. His fiance and him are still in love and getting married in the summer of 2018. She still laughs even though it was a serious bite. Be careful with any wild animal. Take care and be safe!

Encouragement for this blog came from @papa-pepper. I hope you all can be careful if you run into a friendly squirrel in the park, squirrels are not friendly, they just pretend they are!


This is really a funny story and if it is true your friend should be becarefull

This is one of those funny/not so funny stories that will be hilarious in 15 years. I’ve always been happy squirrels don’t eat meat, YIKES!!

Sneaky Ninja Attack! You have been defended with a 3.37% vote... I was summoned by @jrandolph! I have done their bidding and now I will vanish...Whoosh

Did Tommy have to get a rabies shot?

Lol! You know him. He said it was cool to post this, but no. The hospital said Squirrels don't have rabies!

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