Afternoon Snack Attack

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Yesterday afternoon, I was able to capture shots of a pair of Florida Sandhill Cranes that flew in to feast on some aquatic creatures right outside my front door. There is a ditch that has been stagnant due to some heavy rains that Florida has been getting, so there was plenty of living creatures swimming around, including minnows, tadpoles and other small insects. All shots were taken using a Canon 80D camera with a 70 - 300 mm lens.

crane close.jpg

crane head.jpg

As you can see from the next pair of shots, one of the cranes was diving in, so to speak, to see what food the ditch had to offer.

crane 2.jpg

crane 1.jpg

Interesting fact about Sandhill Cranes: Florida made it illegal to feed Sandhill Cranes, for they can become aggressive to people if they are fed by humans. Also, there is a risk to both the cranes and household pets, ie dogs, cats, etc. if the cranes were to fly around the area knowing that humans feed them.

cranes .jpg

After getting their fill of food, the cranes decided it was best to walk along, as the old saying goes, to greener pastures.

cranes leave.jpg

A day not spent in nature is a day wasted. Get out there, smell the fresh air and bask in what Mother Nature has to offer.

One love,


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Amazed to see this bird. As Crane is the largest bird having height around 131 cm.

i love this post .

Excellent photography, really nice capture.It looks very clear & cool.The background beauty was awesome.Thats why I love natural beauty most.Thanks for sharing with us.

wow perfect capture of beauty with your camera, thanks for the share too!

aqui en venezuela llueve tambien es un clima rico diferente al de muchos paises calido me encantan esas fotografias esta muy bella esa ave

Nice pictures! We could use some of that rain up here in Michigan. We are close to drought conditions. I haven't had to mow my lawn in a couple of weeks. I was driving home the other day and got to watch a bird of prey swoop down into a ditch after something. It was pretty cool. I wish I would have had a GoPro or something to have captured the event.


@bozz I would gladly give you guys some of our rain!

true said @jgullinese nature provide best things to us but we all distroy that nature

Waoh. They look beautiful. Are they another specie of pelicans? Because i figure out they look alike except for the beaks. Watching them feed could be awesome but are they wild? I was wondering why they were banned from being fed. Thanks for the post.


They are cranes. But they have the personality of pelicans. Can become agitated quickly.

It's very cool. It looks very clear, his legs, his neck and his mouth look thin but it's very long.

excellent catches simply beautiful creatures, good work we hope to see more of it.

I upvoted your post.If you like, please upvote, comment & follow(photography).please visit my post one time.
please @jgullinese

I love your pic beground, thank for sharing.

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