A First Look at Harley Outside (VIDEO)

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Playing with Harley

A First Look at Harley Outside
January 20, 2018

Here's a short video I took while we were playing with my brother @robjagoe's new puppy Harley over the weekend. We were running around in @robjagoe's backyard with her. She's a chocolate labrador/hound mix but she looks a lot like a Labrador Retriever. She clearly preferred to be the one holding the leash... I love the thumbnail picture for this video. I got low to the ground and Harley became very curious with the camera. Overall she seemed like a relatively calm and well-behaved dog. She's already 13 weeks old and she's doing a good job at adjusting to her new home. @cjagoe will certainly have her hands full with a 1 year old baby and new puppy...


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Thanks For Reading!

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I am in love! <3

nice dtube video, thanks for sharing..

an interesting video watched, reminding me with a distant family at this time.
Miss child's cheerful smile. I miss the sense of playing with them. thanks @jeffjagoe

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