This Zoo Sells Paintings Made By The Animals

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The Hogle Zoo in Salt Lake City, Utah, sells paintings created by the animals and 100 percent of the proceeds go toward organizations that help each particular species

The paintings even come with a picture of the animals who painted it

in step with erica hansen, supervisor of network family members at hogle zoo, portray also increases trust between the animals and their keepers.

none of the animals are forced to paint, however the keepers know which ones appear to experience it.

christie the elephant and her daughter zuri love to paint. due to the fact elephants are better-cognitive animals, zookeepers are capable of train them many things, and teaching the elephants to color is every other manner for them to be innovative and to strengthen the relationship with their keepers.

All the paint used at the zoo is nontoxic acrylic and is safe for the animals

similarly to elephants and meerkats, hansen says orangutans, gorillas, wolves, lizards, harbor seals, and sea lions additionally paint.

and, of route, all the animals are rewarded for their masterpieces.

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