I Am an EMPATH with Animals

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I Am an EMPATH with Animals

I was born an empath. I have been developing and trying to control my gift/curse ever since I was a little girl. As I become older and grow a better understanding of myself, humans, and animals, I am noticing that I seem to be very dialed in with the animals I am around on a consistent basis. Have you ever felt you could sense what an animal wanted or was feeling or thinking?

I am very sensitive to animals. I know what they want when they look at me. I cannot hear a voice but telepathic thought transferring. I can also sense and feel their feelings especially in animals who spend time around humans. They are so expressive. When my senior dog of 15 years was near death he told me when it was time. He let me know. (Ok. Can’t think about that anymore. Sending love and light to the Rainbow Bridge.)


I have had countless experiences where I knew things like old injury sites, reasons for sadness, just wanting more blankets, feeling lonely, etc. I have severe ptsd and the dog I rescued also has ptsd and sometimes I battle suicide. I cry out loud intensely sometimes and sometimes look over and he is vibrating and shaking in fear watching me with such concerned eyes and sometimes he barks to break me concentrate and bring me out of a flashback. We pick up on when the other is triggered and we comfort each other. We understand the exaggerated startle response. Sensitive to loud noises. Violent movement. So many things!

Do you have any experiences with animal empathy? Lets share! Do you have questions for me?
Ask away.

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What a beautiful blessing that you were gifted in life.

Woww beautiful...!