How can you be passionate at 91?

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Hello Steemians.

My writing frequency has been erratic lately. The aching eyes and double vision frightened me a bit.It's difficult enough occupying time when there is so much of it when living alone.

The other obstacle is motivation. That can be a problem at any age but in advanced years there is the dangerous thought lurking in the background of - what is the point!

It only requires a setback like my eye worry to bring that thought to the fore.

I was reading a motivational article this morning saying that to really succeed you need to be passionate about something.That is true. I think back to my early days in business in 1972 and remember how enthusiastic I was about natural foods and remedies.

I still believe in that,but the thrust, the drive the passion has been blunted by age.

So what can I be passionate about ? It's not something you can manufacture,or acquire to order. I know - I'll be passionate about gardening today - You can't it's either there or it isn't.

Meme crusher older man tries it on Older278.jpg

I know there are many of my age and older who still retain enthusiasm for a hobby or interest,but after 30 plus years in the Health Food business,and still living by the principles, I wanted a change.To find a new interest. I tried a few things but the important ingredient was lacking - passion!

With the thought that I must restrict my time writing at the computer screen ,I was intrigued to read that it could be opportune because readers attention span is lessening.They are bombarded with so much information on their Smart phones and every other which way,it is becoming increasingly difficult to attract and hold interest.

I'm considering communicating with Memes. They would appear to meet the public's reducing attention to what is written in favor of what is pictured, and will lessen my time staring at this screen.

I'll try a couple today. I loved the dogs that I had.But it wouldn't be fair to have another one.My last one, Charlie a lovely CavalierKing Charles was a marvellous dog.So intelligent.I'll also help my grandson with his dog website.

Getting ideas and cheering up already.

I think this facebook video clip is wonderful.The gentle prodding by the dog - err excuse me lovely cat,sorry to bother you but that is my food bowl.Come on now.Do you mind.Now I'm a patient dog - but.......

If the video doesn't open.Click the link.It is funny and well worth seeing the well brought up dog!


Cute video of the dog gently trying to get the cat away from his food! I see it is on UNILAD's Facebook, is that your grandson? You mentioned his dog website, wondering if that is his facebook page or are you referring to another site?

Hiya Kenny.Good to hear.I don't know who UNILAD are but in helping my grandson Matthew with the dog website, I've been looking at dog fanpages on Facebook.Doge, the crypto coin, also have a dog fanpage.Out to Sunday lunch today at a very nice country pub.One of the family picking me up at 12.30.All the best.Ivor.

Thank you, interesting post.

I really like the courage to write this. Your point of view is very interesting, I envy you. I envy all your life

Thank you. I really should be grateful for living a long and healthy life.It's ironic and selfish that often those, who, like me, enjoy years of good health, find it difficult to accept an interruption. Others plagued by frequent ailments seem to accept them as a part of life.

Yes, unfortunately, there are people who have ugly opinions ... But important is that you are happy: D

Thank you.

My pleasure! :D

Somehow I lost track of you. So I am happy to read you again. I only wanted to say that you are very lucky to have a grandchild and even to be eble to help him on the computer...what a role model. Take care.

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