Dog Days of Summer

in animals •  6 months ago

Dogs do speak, but only to those who will listen. - Orhan Pamuk


Henley and Rodney frolic about in a swimming hole near Goldstream Park. These two play hard, and I'm always amazed at their athletic prowess. While some may view this playing as aggressive it is easy to tell by their wagging tales and consensual play that these two aren't fighting what-so-ever. They're playing! One yelp or warning bark and both dogs will back down and walk it off.

This particular walk was needed on my end. The fall session of the BC Legislature has begun and politics is in full swing. While much of the fodder is pure theatrics and drama for show - it can be quite a tiring work environment. Time to walk it off!

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Gosh, the cold weather must be well and truly on its way @hayles, great for walks.


You bet! I really do enjoy the cool crisp fall air. Makes me nostalgic for snowy winters.