Wildlife: Our concern and duty

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In a normal sense, Wildlife means the life which exists in wild. Traditionally it means undomesticated animals with fungi, plants and other organisms that live in a wild life. Wildlife is an area which is introduced without the touch of Human being.

Wildlife can be found in any area. Wildlife plays a vital role for the ecosystem. All the human living life can be found in the form of wildlife. Deserts, forests, rainforests, plain surface and animals can be found in Wildlife. But the difference is all of this things are very much wild and dangerous.


There are so many Wildlife in this world but among them African Wildlife is so much famous. It is accepted as one of the most dangerous wild lives in the world. African Wildlife is famous for wild tigers and lions. Cheetah is the most dangerous animal among them. Wild elephants are also well known in African Wildlife. Moreover, zebra, baboon, wild dog, giraffe and different types of snakes live in this wildlife. This animals can be found not only in Africa but also any wildlife around the world. In Asia, the most famous wild animal is Royal Bengal Tiger. It is found in Sundarbans. Apart from animals, wildlife is not full without wild trees and plants. There are so many wild plants can be found in Wildlife.


It is true that Wildlife is so much dangerous but many adventure loving people visit wildlife very often. Nowadays Wildlife is regarded as one of the most adventurous tourists’ attraction. Many cities have park regarding Wildlife which makes wildlife more interesting to the people around the world.

After all of this global Wildlife is decreasing day by day for the climate change and hunting of wild animals. Man has to be conscious of wildlife.

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