The cat is waiting...

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Good morning, Steemians and friends!

This early morning I was going to work. I was waiting a bus at the bus stop... and cat has come there and was sitting near by. It looked like it was waiting the bus with other people. It looks funny) It turned its head and looked at the road like other people. After the first bus has come the cat was sitting on its place for some minutes and went away. Maybe it followed it owner to work?..




Keep smiling, reading and voting!

Have a nice day, dear friends!


Maybe he forgot his wallet and had to go and get it, lol. :o)

Ha-ha:))))) Thanks for commenting, I like your joke!)

Good morning....

Good moring)

That was my first guess too - he was following his owner :) I hope he found his way back home :)

I also hope so:)

Он охотился... ))

На кого? На ездунов на автобусе?

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не только, Берлиоз прятался за углом... ))

Ахаха... так то ж трамвай должен быть. 🚋

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не, тут главное, чтобы было нерафинированное)))

Читаю переписку и вспоминаю "Мастера и Маргариту")
Интеллектуальный юмор - наше все

ох-хе-хе)) а что остаётся))

А он может так делает каждое утро?

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За 2 недели 1й раз его там увидела. Обычно несколько котов поблизости нежатся на солнышке, но утром +13 градусов было... Возможно поэтому изменил своим привычкам:)

this post did make me smile it does look like the cat is patiently waiting for his bus

I also thought so:) Have a nice day)

You to I hope your weekend has gone well

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