A morning in the life of an Irish Farmer ( episode 5 )

in #animals2 years ago

That fire is burning nicely now !14 feb 2018 143.JPG

Time for grub !14 feb 2018 147.JPG

Bacon ,egg, mushrooms fried in butter with garlic and chilly paste, beans, freshly brewed coffee and toast, prepared my myself, not too shabby, just what I need after a mornings work.14 feb 2018 152.JPG

Nothing goes hungry around here ! myself included14 feb 2018 151.JPG

More work for Ziggy , don't panic it's going in the dish washer , better in his belly than washed away.14 feb 2018 163.JPG

The End..... the mornings over, roll on the afternoon, more to come , I hope somebody enjoyed the blog.