10 Banned Dogs From Some Countries. Why?

in animals •  8 months ago

What is the Top 10 Banned Dog breeds?
10-American Bulldog: They are banned in Denmark, Singapore and various municipalities of America.
9-Bandog: Bandogs are banned some countries.
8-Neapolitan Mastiff: They are banned in Singapore.
7-Wolfdog: They are banned in Norway.
6-Boerboel: It is banned in Denmark.
5-Dogo Argentino: The Dogo is banned in at least 10 countries. They are New Zealand and Portugal.
4-Presa Canario: Presa Canarios are banned in New Zealand, Australia and Australia.
3-Fila Brasiliero: They are illegal to own a Fila in the United Kingdom.
2-Japanese Tosa Inu: They are banned in Denmark, Malta and Norway, amongst other countries.
1-American Pit Bull Terrier: They are banned in Miami-Dade County, Florida; Ontario, Canada; and many countries throughout the world.

What do you think about dogs banned?

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