Animal Abusers Are Amongst The Scum Of The Earth!!

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So, I was watching the news tonight about a Pelican that was seen on the beach wandering around in great distress. Some twisted poor excuse for a human being had stabbed it with a knife. The large fishing knife was still embedded in it's side and had penetrated in and out the other side. I simply could not fathom what would possess any sane person to do this.

A few news stories later and I'm watching around 50 pigeons writhing in agony in the city square, because they had been fed poisoned pellets. Followed by a report of a dog dumped in a tip, a victim of what was apparent dog fighting, barely breathing and now struggling for it's life.

My own dog was laying in my lap and as I stroked her I was reminded of the circumstances that brought us together.
Yes, this little cutie pattootie above is my girl Ebony. She's 14 years old now, but still thinks she's a puppy...

12 years ago I was standing in line in our chemist. I resided in a small country town where everyone knew one another and gossip travels fast. There were three mature woman in front of me talking about a birthday party they had been to and the treatment of a dog that was there.
"Did you see how skinny and ratty looking that dog was?" the first woman said.
"I don't think they feed it" the second replied, "and I've never seen anyone kick a dog so hard, he had steel caps on too"
"He kicked it more than once" the first responded, "Several times in fact. That poor thing ran yelping out in the yard"
"If I was there..." chimed in the third woman, "I would have probably said something, but we all know what he's like...."

At this stage although I knew I was eavesdropping, I took a step forward and asked them if the dog was alright and where was the party. I was advised they had seen the dog scamper under the house and it was TJ's party. (name changed to protect his identity - god knows why, I should just name and shame him!)
I knew him well and he was not on my Christmas list....

I left the chemist and knew what I had to do. I drove to his house and long story cut short, I took that dog from out of his yard. She was in such bad condition and yelped continuously as I placed her in the car. What hair she had was matted so badly it was pulling her skin. She was a skeleton, covered in so many fleas and ticks it took me 6 hours with a tweezer to remove them. After that it was off to the vets where he advised me she had an old injury where her hip had been broken and had set itself somewhat crooked, she was emaciated and would need intensive care. He estimated her to be around two years of age.

I should point out that his wife stopped me as I was putting her in the car and simply said that TJ would be upset. I gave her my business card with my email, mobile, address and landline and told her if he had a problem he could call me, but he was not getting her back. It's been 12 years and I'm still waiting for that call.

Animal abusers are the same as child abusers. They have no place in our society and are quite frankly a waste of good space and fresh air.

Ebony, or Ebbymoo, as I fondly call her, is the love of my life and came into my world at my lowest point. I had just lost my husband of 20 years, my business was about to shut down and I was forced to sell my home and the list goes on.

Family and friends often tell me how lucky she is that I saved her. The truth is that I'm the lucky one because she saved me.......She made me smile again and I haven't stopped since.

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