Cat Cafe

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Hi Steemit

Today we visited the cat cafe in Myeongdong. It was hard to find at first and we asked few people but they didnt know where it is. And then we found a cat cafe sign


The entry fee included a drink


We can purchase cat food to feed the cats


Very fun experience for the kids




Have you ever been to a cat cafe?

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I'm allergic to cats, but i love them.......


Hi edkarnie. Thank you. You can wear mask at the cafe. Haha

waw never heard of a cat cafe. Strange but nice!


Thank you brothermic. This is also my first time

wow they are so cute.. Must be a really good experience for kids..
Nice one @djohan


Thank you dinsha. Yes the kids really loved it

Ha ha ha where is this place? I have never been to a cat cafe. but like to go there. I really like this photography with different cats. They are eating customers meals? 100% like this blog. Thanks a lot @djohan


Hi madushanka. Thank you. This is is Seoul Korea. The cats eat the cat food that customers can purchase

i love cats so much! A must visit on my next visit to japan ! =D


Hi spikykevin. Thanks. I think Japan also has cat cafe.

cute cat nice one


Thank you arooj

@djohan - Oh sir they are cuties <3 I love cats :* Beautiful photography Sir & nice you share it Sir <3

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Thank you steemwija

That's pretty cool..


Thanks killerkuasha

Maybe very funny this cat cafe. May be our mind was kind bcz cats. However I like this article.
giphy (8).gif


Thanks kingsberry. Its a good place to relax with cats and a cup of coffee

cat cafe wow this place is interesting place to be in.


Thank you cityslicker. This is my first experience. It can be popular in other countries too

Love cats, I got the same you posted in your first picture. 😺


Hi runicar. That one is the nicest looking

Wow that would be awesome! But personally I hate cats :D Anyway great photography and thank you very much for sharing such wonderful experiences with us!



Hi theguruasia. I think would hard to maintain a dog cafe as more hair might go in the customer drinks

Cats must have fat in their diet because they can't produce it on their own.


Great information catfacts


Researchers are unsure exactly how a cat purrs. Most veterinarians believe that a cat purrs by vibrating vocal folds deep in the throat. To do this, a muscle in the larynx opens and closes the air passage about 25 times per second.

nice post


Thank you sizuka



Love it. It could start a trend!!. Upvoted and resteemed.


Hi jimunc. Thank you. Yes it can be popular as it was a great way to enjoy coffee and relax

the cat's are friendly there beautiful photo's @djohan thanks for it :)


Thank you steemphotography

amigo #resteemia at your service

impressive photography & nice experience @djohan

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Thank you resteemia

No i haven't been there this place is very different and amazing :)


Hi starving. Thank you. We had a great time there

Beautiful photography . lovely life enjoy,
Thanks @djohan
have a nice day


Thank you goldcoin. Life is beautiful

Nice place and good to see you see you have a fun experience there :)


Hi blazing. Thank you. We are having a great time here

Beautiful cat ,i also love cat,nice post share @djohan



Thank you sabbir24


you are welcome Highroller

cute cat..


Thank you black35

Nice travel experience and good life enjoy.

For your post propagation.


Thank you voteman

great cafe its a great idea thanks


Thank you machhour. It's some unique experience and enjoyable too

Yeah i heard about those, i hope you did not find a hair in the drinks. I stil believe it is realy unhygienic. But then again people choose themself to enter :)


Yes sometimes cat pass the drinks on the table. I just drink first before feeding them

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Thanks steemitboard

Amazing and adorable clicks thanks for sharing :D


Thank you cutiepie

Interesting and something new to try for sure, now following you and upvoted as well


Hi johnnyray. Thanks a lot for your support
Hey @djohan
I think this is unforgetable exeperince for your kids....


Thank you dinisanda

Beautiful cute ,

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Thank you avagado

Wonderful nice cats


Thank you iqbal5

They were enjoying every moment of it and it does looks good to be in a place like this :)


Thank you rehan12. It was one of the favorite place for the kids


No wonder

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