I love butterfly......My photography.

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I love butterflies very much.Who does not like butterflies? There are few people who do not love butterflies.So, I try to photograph the butterfly. But if butterflies are not seen very much now.If I see butterflies then try to take pictures. All pictures are not good. This picture is very good in all of it.I hope the picture is good for everyone. If the picture is good for everyone, then please give upvote and comments. Thank you for reading this post.


Great photograph of butterfly!

a suggestions is add a write up of the photograph you post. More people will pay attention if you have some description/explanation of the photos you post. This leads to more followers and more exposure.

You still have time to edit this post and add some information. Do this and let me know and I will resteem it for you.

Sir, thank you so much for inspiration me.You are really a great man. Now I am editing this post.Now you can resteem this post.

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Sir where your upvote?please refund my sbd.


Refund.... due to technical issue... sorry