I Have a Dog

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My dog's name is Henry, why Henry? It's a long story and quite revealing actually. I don't know much about dogs or their breed but Henry looks like a Rottweiler somewhat. I just know he's a young island dog. Anyway, some guy from the neighborhood brought/stole him from the surf beach and then neglected him. A typical bad guy. He was jokingly called Henry and so his friends named the dog after him. When I moved to that apartment, the dog was not in a very good condition. Everyone was just feeding him whatever and he had some skin disease. Mind you, people don't really care about dogs here. So I figured this dog deserves some of my love. And I need something to love too.


I wasn't a dog person and never had my own dog. But with Henry, things started to change. I learned how loyal, loving and fun dogs are. It was like having a new best friend always with you 24/7. So I feed him, walk him and take care of him. I got him neutered and vaccinated recently. I brought him with me when I moved out of the apartment. Now I have a reason not to go out anymore. I find that I'm happier just hanging out with Henry.


For those who don't really enjoy the company of human beings, then dogs are for you. Dogs will protect you and love you unconditionally. I can't find anything as companionable as Henry. I take him to the beach, the market, around the neighborhood or anywhere I go.

The second day at my new place, Henry walked back to my previous apartment, which isn't really far. I was looking for him the whole day and was really worried. I get attached to my pets, like Feliz my cat, if you still remember him. I remember how hard it was to recover. I can't afford to lose Henry now that we just started becoming close. One of my roommates told me that he might have followed me back when I was riding my scooty down to town. I knew he might be missing some of his dog buddies there. But I assured him, he will have a better life with me. And he also has some new dog friends too.


Henry is quite street smart. Just like us, he's a survivor. He's trained to adapt to any living conditions. He's very much like my Feliz. Without me, I know he can fight to live in this cruel world we're living in. And for that, I love Henry.


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Having recently become a dog owner again, I can concur! Times I don't want human company, but the dog is always welcome.

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Like what @revo said, dogs are the best people.

Dogs are the best people.


I never owned a dog but I always wished for one. Being the type of person that moves quite often I couldn't risk of ruining the life of one dog so I haven't bought/adopted one. Maybe in the future if I will settle somewhere I will finally have my own. Congrats for yours!

I hope you get a dog someday too, they are wonderful!

Thanks! 😊

Lovely to hear from you @diabolika! And what a lovely new friend you've got there 💖 So glad to read you're both happy, and that Henry is a survivor, just like you. Thanks for a good read my friends, both of you ;-) 🙏🏼

Yes we are happy! Thank you! 😊

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Yes, a dog never betrays you !