Striking bird's beaks

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These birds have some of the most amazing and incredible beaks in the world. When mother nature decides to give the animal special features, she does it with style! Amazing beaks of birds to your attention.

Small spoonbill — an extremely rare species of bird in the family of ibises.

Toucan — family of birds piciformes squad

Toucans have a disproportionately large, compressed laterally, brightly colored beak. However, the beak, despite its size, not so heavy as it seems, due to the presence of air cavities.

Common Hornbill

Ordinary Rhino (Rhyticeros subruficollis) is a very rare bird

Calao, or two-horned Hornbill.

Black-breasted Hornbill

Or Nepalese Hornbill, or Nepali, calao — species of Hornbill from the kind of Asian calao.

Talk Montara — one predstavili hornbills


The only bird whose beak length exceeds the length of the body


About them there is a beautiful legend when Christ was crucified, the bird flew up and tried to pull the nails out, but only curled beak.


A Flamingo with its beak filtered water — at the top of the key is the hair filters

Stubs — amazingly beautiful birds

Pájaro (bird Smiling).

The only and very rare bird in the world with the upturned beak

Shoebill or Royal Heron

Bird of the order numerous and variable, the only representative of the family cytoglobin. A very large bird, and its height averages 1.2 m, wingspan 2.3 m and a weight of 4-7 kg.


The beak of the Pelican has the throat pouch with a capacity of about 5 liters. Water entering with the fish flows through the holes from below

Black cockatoo

The black cockatoos (Probosciger aterrimus) is a large powerful beak of the Parrot family. Its length is 8-10 cm in length



Natur's treasures !
OMG so so awesome! I fell in love with those :)

love those beaks!

and in other bird-y news....the blue-footed booby!
blue-footed-booby-620x421.jpg source: internet search

I forgot to advice you to put source of all your images as well if you did not photograph them !

I recommend reading Feathered Psychos and Charming Birds I think it will speak to you

Beautiful birds... Love them

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