{DID YOU KNOW} That sea urchins can walk?

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Sea Urchins

(by the way, he's looking at you!)

Here is proof!:

I captured this on my travels through Indonesia. I dont know if you ever saw this, but I wondered since a long time how these guys get from A to B. Infact, the sea urchins have small tube feets and are able to walk by hydraulic pressure.
Furthermore, the small orange dot with the black hole in the middle is the mouth AND his anus. Therefore, sea urchins literally are shitting where they eat...

A small excursion in the world of sea urchins. I hope you enjoyed it!

Thank you for reading and taking your time!

Have a great day! @ddot

(Sources: All images and videos in this article were taken by me and therefore I own them.)

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Wow, that's really neat

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Wow these photos are awesome!! Never seen a turtle hatchling the eggs into a pit before. Would love to read the article but unfortunately I’m not mighty of speaking your language.
Greetings @ddot


amazing experience, see how turtle eggs :)