Love for stray dogs or a drop of common sense ...

in animals •  2 years ago 

I'm on an early morning off on duty at an empty quarantine school. I hasten to change the night watchman, and in two hours my colleague will change. Morning twilight has not yet broken through the darkness of the night, in the underground passage-empty. No, it's not empty, it's deserted, but in the corner, in the cardboard boxes at the confectionery stall cozily curled up, four dogs sleep. I see their black and white backs "- compassionate" townspeople, like in their yard, they threw rags, bones, idylls.

In no way does the people want to live in purity, the view of the rubbish heap is sweeter. She sidled absent-mindedly, slipped by, the devil did not joke, the lured dogs might well consider that I was encroaching on the good of the owner. But I was happy early, two small dogs, the same homeless tribe, and four large mongrels jumped out of their sleeping boxes at once, barking at the poor dogs with barking. Again it would be nothing, not for me, but the second little dog managed to come up with me, and the pack, at that moment, would jump out of its corner. Everything swirled around me like a whirlwind. A dog snarling with a ball prevented me from stepping on, one of the victims clung to my feet, seeing me as an intercessor. "Intercessor" herself began to scream with fear, huge dogs literally knocked down. On my happiness in the transition came down a young man and kicks off the pack. I take a breath, move on and hear: "Oh, you are my darlings. Hungry, probably? How were you asleep, was not it cold? "Turn around and see a middle-aged woman. Bending down, she was spreading something out of her bag, the dogs surrounded and poked their muzzles into her bag. I resolutely went back: "What are you doing? Is this your personal territory? Why do you feed dogs here, they will be dangerous for passers-by? I was just scared to death. " The woman indignantly waved the children's blanket, brought, as I understood, to equip the kennels. Resenting, she threw a stream of words at me, accusing me of cruelty, suggesting that I even tortured poor animals, but at the same time, unworthy, I have the arrogance to attend church, I pray for my health, and I do not care about the animals' health. No, she was not crazy, the same kind of talk is being made by my neighbors at my entrance, that they feed the cats and try to make a remark. At the door of the elevator are jars of milk, where I once had the good fortune to drive my foot and make a graceful na. I have nothing left, how to advise the dog patroness to lie down with the dogs in the box, so that the animals are warmer and they do not catch cold .. I go and ponder, even though it's useless to appeal to the drop of reason of such "friends" of city dogs. We need laws that by hands or feet, deprived of sound reasoning, work out fines for unsanitary conditions in the city. But our lawmakers do not descend into the junctions, they do not notice flocks of wild dogs from the car window sinking to their feet, sleeping in the sand on playgrounds, school stadiums.

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