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She already has a fur coat on. Does look kind a cute though.

A cat's appetite is the barometer of its health. Any cat that does not eat or drink for more than two days should be taken to a vet.

She looks like she has murder in her eyes. LMAO

And who made the sweater. Cats always walk funny after putting pn new clothes haha


Yeah, they do! I love watching them walk when they have something different attached to them (like kitty clothes.)

I am surprised that Fifi let you do that! Our cat Chinchin we bought a doggy coat and put that on her. She just flopped on the floor. She must just got it in her head that the doggy coat was doing that to her, she could not stand up and just flopped. It's so funny!


My mom had cats that would do that when we dressed them in clothing. They would just lie on the floor and not move!