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Hi there Steemians!

Most of us love cats and dogs. Some of us even consider them to be our best friends.

I happen to be one those people who has a HUGE soft spot for animals, especially cats and dogs.

About a month ago, a lovely "tuxedo" style cat decided to just wander right in my front door!

At first I wasn't interested in having a cat, as money is kind of tight right now, and I am just getting by taking care of myself.

Slowly, though, she began to grow on me, and now I'm determined to get her to the vet and get her the proper shots and also get her spayed so we won't add to the already huge problem of unowned stray and feral cats.

So, Steemians, today I am humbly asking for your help.

I have started a GoFundMe campaign, and I am trying to raise $500 to get her to the vet and also to get stock up on food and maybe get her a few essentials and toys.

Click this link:

Here are a few pics of Brandy.




Click this link:

Thanks so much for your kindness!

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wow wot a chubby cat...

wow lovely cat i also want this kind of cat

i like his color. so cute.

cat is favourite animal too . cute cat

very funny cats

@contentking i currently do not have sbd to send to you so you can take your pets to vat,but i will upvote this post ,,, dont worry there will get well soon.

I sent it wrong, please send it back @ebargains


I think you have the wrong person. I sent you $1 SBD last night to resteem and share this post. I did not receive any money back from you, though. Have you shared my post yet?

Thank you ,brother. Brandy is a beautiful cat. I know first hand how they can grow on you.

Good to see ya around. Hope t see ya more ")