How animal lovers are different from animal right advocates?

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When talk is being made of an animal lover, everyone is at the forefront of saying and proving himself an animal lover, but when the rights of animals are talked about, then those people do not digest it.


So what's the difference between having an animal lover and animal rights advocates?
Anybody using any animal products and services could be declared themselves an animal lover but who advocates for animal rights do not accept any type of animal exploitation in any form. A person who consume meat, dairy, leather, visiting a zoo and aquarium, keep pets could prove themselves an animal lover by their various (il)logic but who advocates for animal rights don't have any ifs and buts and straight forwards rejects any type of so-called animal uses which is basically an animal abuse.
Being an animal lover is so easy as compare to talk about animal rights. I am not an animal lover but I believe that all animals have some rights on this planet and their right should be protected.


Karnataka: Animal rights activist alleges mob assault

News of the attack on activists working for animals rights around the world continues to come. After all, why are attacks on those who talk of animal rights? Today I got the answer when we were giving the message of cruelty in dairy products and attacked by some representatives of the local Jain community. Jain community is considered as one of the most non-violence community in the world as Jainism's basic principle is " Ahinsa Parmo Dharm" it means non-violence is the only religion.
The big question is that why the people of the non-violence Jain community became aggressive on the issue of animal rights? There was a direct voice from them that they use dairy products, so do not want to hear anything against the use of dairy.
It is clear that they speak of nonviolence to say only but when it comes to the violence caused by the use of animal products and services, they close their eyes. Just as an animal lover who talks about the love of animals but on the issue of animal rights starts misbehaving.
Here I want to clarify that not all animal lovers ignore the issue of animal rights but a majority do, as there love for animals is for some particular animals and not for all species. Even if they love any particular species they do not mind to use their products and services, as according to them it does not come under animal exploitation

So do you think that is there any difference between an animal lover who consumes animal products/services and one who advocates for animal rights and outrightly rejects any type of animal products/services?

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IMHO, animal love & animal rights are totally different spheres but are always wrongly correlated with each other. If a mother loves her child, it can never mean that she would love whole of humankind because of it. Same applies to the love for animals too. Applying the term "speciesist" to animal lovers is also a misnomer. More over, I also think that comparing lacto-vegetarians with animal lovers is incorrect too.

The issue actually is the intense emotion of possessiveness of something. If you try to take away any thing or any idea which is too dear to anyone, he or she will revolt aggressively against your attempt to do that. The people who do not cling to anything or are not that much attached or possessive of it will give in easily. But others won't.


Brilliant post. I totally agree with your line of thought

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