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RE: Tazewell County, VA: "The Adventure Tourism Capital of the Appalachians" (WARNING: Tourists May Want to Keep Their Pets Far, Far Away From Here)

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Hi, @rhondak. I was just forwarded your name by a Steemit friend, @valued-customer. He mentioned you were running a writing project. I've checked that out - to a degree. I'm going to do more research. Is there anything I should know about getting involved in some of your projects?I'm interested in writing some short articles or series' on a variety of topics. I also know some others who may be interested.

I did take the time to read your piece, here. Being a dog lover, it's nice to see some active advocates on this platform.

Looking forward to hearing back.



The Writers' Block is a peer review and workshop type of community. We work hard to help each other improve our skills. When you drop into the Discord for the first time, you'll land in Welcome Center and won't be able to interact in other channels. Folks will ask a lot of questions--we try to make sure we're a good fit for folks dropping in, and we also screen a lot of plagiarists that way. Just tell them you spoke with me and that I invited you. :-)

Thanks, sounds fair.