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RE: Tazewell County, VA: "The Adventure Tourism Capital of the Appalachians" (WARNING: Tourists May Want to Keep Their Pets Far, Far Away From Here)

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This is disgusting, that a) someone did this to an animal, and worse is b) that the local authorities are trying to cover it up! Makes me ashamed and repulsed to be of the same species as vermin like this. I really hope the law does its job and dishes out justice, to restore law and order as well as faith in humanity.

It's people like you, Rhonda, and everyone who helps through @tarc to try stop this inhumanity, that shine a light of hope and pride.


Thank you, Anike. We've pushed for community awareness and change for going on five years now. It has won us a few supporters, but far more detractors. Locals don't want any light shined on these problems. In the past, the shelter refused to post photos of strays on Facebook so their owners could reclaim them. Thankfully they've changed their policy somewhat, but they still have a long way to go to meet the national standard set by successful municipal shelters. We have reams of documentation about dogs and other animals living (or killed in) absolutely deplorable conditions. It's going to take some very public examples before residents of this community get the message.

Oh, my goodness! I'm glad you're doing this for the animals who have no voice. They need it so much from what I'm hearing of Tazwell County. Hopefully you get more supporters, those in positions of authority would be an excellent show of humanity and community standing up for what's right.