Frenchie love 🐾❤ Mia's love story

in animals •  4 months ago

Hi everyone! My name is Mia and this is my love story


I'm a Frenchie dog, my life is really good actually, I enjoy going to the beach, walks ond the grass and mango! I LOVE MANGO!!!

I'm three years old wich in dog years is like 25 of yours...

Now, this is where the fun begins..
I have a boyfriend. His name is Max and he is sooo handsome!! Got me in love instantly!

Max and I got serious on this, and we decide to have a family.. so, 58 days later there is the results:



We have 6 beautifuls puppies. 5 girls and 1 boy, that we decided to name Juan (I'll explain it to you later)
They all are healthy and well cared thanks to my mom wich helps me a lot.

This little girl is Guri, the third one...

Now fellows, I'm a bit tired and I got a huge family to attend, so I'll be telling you more about this love story later on.

See you! 🐾

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