What is a Herring Gull aka Larus argentatus, Most Commonly Referred to As? Right Answers Win Steem Dollars!

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First several to figure it out and complete the contest rules wins Steem Dollars!

Contest Rules

  • Guess correctly in the comments below
  • Up vote and ReSteem this post
  • Follow @allprowi
  • 1st = $5 SBD + 100% Up Vote on your correct answer
  • 2nd- 6th = $2 SBD + 80% Up Vote on your correct answer
  • 7th - 11th = $1 SBD + 65% Up Vote on your correct answer
  • 12th- XX = 50% Up Vote on your correct answer
    • XX = Until my steem power is at 60% each day.
      I may not up vote immediately due to recharging but I will by adding charged up, up votes periodically throughout the week.

Let's Get Started With a Few Clues

  • Chances are very high you have seen them outside their breeding grounds.
  • They are loud and obnoxious.
  • One may have stolen your lunch.
  • They love fish, but I've also seen them chow down on french fries.
  • They like to scavenge around the world at ocean shorelines.
  • When they are young they are brown.
  • The adults are mostly white and gray with black tipped wings.
  • They basically span the entire globe.

Give up yet? How about a few pictures to help!

First a few picture of their breeding grounds so i don't give it away with the thumbnail! This particular breeding ground is Trout Lake Provincial Nature Reserve, in Ontario, Canada.




Finally Pictures I Took of a couple Herring Gulls

They are masters of staring you down!
IMG_20170528_125948174_TOP (2).jpg


Master Scavengers as Well!


Additional Resources

Really You Still Don't Know?!?

As much as I wish I could do a no googling rule, that would never be enforceable, so what are you waiting for get that Answer, Up Vote, Follow, Resteem, and at least get an Up Vote from me!

Bonus Points for Constructive Criticism about this post. As I started writing this piece, this was far from the intended direction but I thought it would be more fun and engaging than the original direction. Do you think I should have went a different route other than turning this into a contest, please let me know below.

All pictures taken with my Droid Turbo 2

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That is whats known as a sky bastard aka screech thief

This falls under the bonus points column, and will get even bigger rewards in the future!!! Thank you @doctorcrypto for checking out my post! There is still time to win $2 SBD if that still interests you! If not stay tuned for future posts! I'll reward your creativity more next time! (If for some reason 12 minnows can't answer this question and complete the rest of the rules, I'll be awarding you with the rest of steem promised for such an accurate and creative answer!!!

Ok i'll bite. It's a seagull.
Followed and stuff ;)

4th place I'm glad you bit! The steemit community is not yet like the rest of the world!!! $2 SBD should be in your account now!!!

It tis! Thanks bub!

Your welcome!!! The only question left is will 8 more minnows find this post and complete the steps or will @doctorcrypto be taking home a much bigger price then promised for his following of rules steps and incredibly smart and thoughtful comment?!? 6 days until we know that answer!!!

6 days is a long time in the contest category. I'm happy with fourth.
We shall see. :)

Based on the up votes of some of my other posts, I'm shocked giving away free money didn't get more of a following quicker. But perhaps I rushed this new idea and didnt catch enough peoples attention. If that's the case you and the other 3 to follow and win SBD are really lucky! I will try another post of this nature. I even thought of a brilliant way to keep the answer secret while still rewarding your answer to the question!!! Which means I'll do a much harder description and picture, knowing most won't be able to get it, but I'll follow that up with much bigger rewards! I'm thinking $25, $15, $10, $5, and $1 SBD but with the same curation rewards!

Gulls aka Seagulls

I thought of a new way to give every answer curation rewards while keeping the answer secrete!!! Im going to try this style of post again with bigger rewards 1st- 5th!!! Hit that follow button to make sure your first in line for even bigger steem dollars give away!!!

Only 3 places paid so far!!! Still time to win steem dollars on this post!!!

A seagull, really huh I think just a feature or two not the whole body of the animal might be helpful.

At first this post was going in a way different direction, and as an experiment I have been promoting some of my posts to see the true interest in them. But then I hard a realization that if I'm going to give SBD away. I might as well give it to the loyal steemians who find value in my posts. So instead of promoting for everyone to see, I'm asking you to follow and resteem in hopes the same amount I wanted to spend promoting gets spent on those who truly want me to post more content!!!

A seagull :D

Seagulls!! Awesome pictures by the way.

I have a good way of keeping future answers secret.

I'm just not sure I have a big enough following to make it worth it.

Should I try doing a few more contests?

Any subject matter suggestions?

Hi allprowi, nice post, I really like the concept - looking forward to more from you.

Thanks for the comment! There is still time to win free steem dollars, by following the all of the contest rules

Thanks, forgot that bit!
My answer is Seagull

2/4 steps complete!

Oops, missed a few of the instructions, sorry about that! Upvoted, resteemed, followed and (hopefully) answered the question correctly!

4/4. 5th place! Welcome to steemit!

Got there in the end... Thanks!

It is seagulls

As a place for improvement, you could ask the participants to provide a piece of information specific to a certain feature of the bird.

The answer is seagull

Beautiful scenery! Cute birds!

Is is a Herring Gull?

Not their actual name, what do most people call them!