Spider webs to catch prey.

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The insect that catches the spider between branches is not accidental. The artistic design of long-legged insects is made for the prey to become interested in approaching.

This was revealed after a biologist wrote in several sources of his book that there is a secret behind the beautiful spider webs. While web spiders are known to be very sticky and strong, even exceeding the steel (source word), but rarely examine aspects of its shape.

I really want to reveal why spiders spend energy to decorate their webs. In my observations somewhere, I tested the effect of utraviolet light on the spider web by reflecting sunlight into the spider web using a mirror.

This is based on the fact that some types of flowers emit ultraviolet rays that attract insects. If the spider web emits the same light, its function is the same as the flower to seduce the insects.

# From @alika about the benefits of spiders by making a net to catch prey.