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That's interesting that despite domestication, cats haven't lost the ability to live alone in the wild.

Beautiful eyes!!!

i love cats

The great italian tourism place here

Do cats love to hunt? Maybe, but that's not entirely true.

Is that your own cat @adrianobalan? 😊

Cats are not my favourite animals. But that they are amazing and photograph really well... There is nothing You can say to deny 😉 great quality photos.

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Wow, I did not know these things about cats, but if it is very true that having one calms your life and balances it, the bad thing is that when they die they leave a hole in your heart :'(

Unfortanly Europe has lost their biodiversity because of the mankind story but after that Europe realzed that protect their biodiversity is everybody's task

My family has always had cats at home; no doubt they have kept mice away!

Nice shot!

Oh my! This cat is soooooo cute! I want him in my room!

So cute❤️

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Oww what a cool pose! They always looks cute anywhere in the world miaww :D