Fauna in Italy - Animals, birds and insects that live in various regions of my country. Bee-eater. [ENG/ITA] by adriano. Fauna italiana. Animali, uccelli e insetti. Il gruccione.

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The Bee-eater is a migratory bird that is part of the Meropidae family and seems to be the most beautiful bird in all of Europe. The bee-eater is the most feared enemy of the bees. A bee-eater, consumes at least 100 bees a day, the damage they do in many hives is great. The amount of insects needed every day to feed a bee-eater is equal to the approximate weight of 225 bees. Bee-eaters feed at significant distances from the nest, a single pair of birds can consume up to 20,000 bees in a season. The greatest damage is recorded when the bee-eaters "attack" in large numbers, when it is cold and do not find other sources of food. The highest consumption of bees is in May and September. However, in areas where other insects are encountered, the bees do not exceed more than 50% of the daily diet. During this period, each bee-eater consumes on average 60-70 bees.



Il gruccione è un uccello migratore che fa parte della famiglia dei Meropidae e sembra essere l'uccello più bello di tutta Europa. Il gruccione è il nemico più temuto delle api. Un gruccione, consuma almeno 100 api al giorno, il danno che fanno in molti alveari è grande. La quantità di insetti necessaria ogni giorno per nutrire un gruccione è pari al peso approssimativo di 225 api. I gruccioni si nutrono a distanze significative dal nido, una singola coppia di uccelli può consumare fino a 20.000 api in una stagione. Il danno maggiore si registra quando i gruccioni "attaccano" in gran numero, quando fa freddo e non trovano altre fonti di cibo. Il più alto consumo di api è in maggio e settembre. Tuttavia, nelle aree in cui si incontrano altri insetti, le api non superano più del 50% della dieta giornaliera. Durante questo periodo, ogni gruccione consuma in media 60-70 api.



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The are very beautiful bees indeed @adrianobalan. Great capture of the one with the bee in it's beak. 😊

Such pretty birds @adrianobalan. Great photos.

Those birds are so beautiful and you have captured some amazing pictures.

Oh my so perfect images again.. thanks for sharing!

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Very beautifu Bird..lovely photoshoot.my dear friend

They should be coming down to South Africa soon, then it will be my turn to take pictures!

What a great info @adrianobalan I didnt know there was a bird that eats bees and has that name after that. I do want to say these are incredible pictures and that bird is extremely beautiful! thank you for sharing beautiful italian nature.

What superb photography @adrianobalan. I am blown away. These are such colourful birds but you have really captured some unforgettable shots! Wow

Birds have so much lightness and vitality that capturing them is a huge art. Great shots, breathtaking.


The beautiful colors on its feathers gives it an exceptional beauty but i think increase in its population can result in decrease in bees population.

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