Sloth in the middle of a park!

So I was walking around the city landmarks in old town Cartagena, Colombia today with some new friends I met at the hostel I am currently staying at. We decided to walk through a park on our way back so that we could watch Argentina play against Croatia - little did we know how the game would turn out...

However, as we did begin to walk through I noticed that the tree had some claws sticking out, which is weird and most probably part of the tree. THEN BOOM! A god-damn sloth sitting at the base of a tree in the middle of a busy park in the middle of old town Cartagena... WHAT..?!?! I was somewhat taken back to say the least and decided to attempt to take a few photos. However, I only had my wide angle lens on me and not my telephoto lens, which meant this is the best up close shot I could manage. I wanted to get closer and put the camera a lot closer to this slow moving mammal BUT I also did not want to add any stress to this beautiful guy, as he went about his day.

Not going to lie - pretty awesome way to start my first day in Cartagena

Click here to see where this sloth was in Cartagena!
(!steemitworldmap 10.426466 lat -75.548263 long sloth at the base of the tree d3scr)

Click image to view full size

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Oh my @thomasjmitchell. What an amazing photograph. It's just brilliant! 😊

It's almost like someone put a toy bear on the tree. 😂


Gillian, that is what I was thinking too! Great picture @thomasjmitchell


Great minds think alike @sjarvie5. It's such an unusual and lovely shot. 😊


At first that is what I thought until it slowly moved its head around..


At first that is what
I thought until it slowly
Moved its head around..

                 - thomasjmitchell

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Holy shit! A god-damn sloth is for sure!
It almost looks fake! hahah

How cool is that though. They are such weird animals 😊


Yeah, crazy and random encounter! I wasn't exactly expecting to see it in a park in the middle of the city

Wow what an amazing photo. Even with the wide lens this is absolutely picture perfect. I feel like I'm there! He's too cute!!


It was far a random and awesome little experience in the middle of Cartagena. I am happy you enjoyed the photo

Wow! They don't even look real - just an oversized stuffed toy. What an amazing moment - and well shot, in spite of the personal critique.


Exactly! It took me a few moments to actually realize that it was indeed a real life animal hugging that tree

I love sloths so much. They are such cool smiley creatures!


That they are! it was a great and random encounter today


Perhaps in this world you are only a person, but for someone you are the whole world. - Marquez.
@banjo , @cleverbot ,


I'm not sure why you think that. Maybe you need more macaroni and cheese.


Wait, do you think that I am a robot?

cool photos really
sloths are great animals, it is a pity that they are threatened with extinction and the less is their loss


Thanks! I am glad you enjoyed the photo. It is really sad that they are threatened

wow that's great, beautiful animal, it's a three-finger sloth, good photography, greetings @thomasjmitchell


Thanks! I am glad you enjoyed the post! It is?? My sloth ID is non-existent at the moment

He clearly loves that tree

Great shot @thomasjmitchell :D


Nothing like a hugging a tree to make your day a little bit better

Hahaha. Great. What a beautiful lazy. Thanks @thomasjmitchell.


Thanks!! they are indeed beautifully lazy animals

Awesome! I really liked that sloth. luv it
First I saw this is an artificial sloth but I think this a real


haha! I thought the exact thing but as I got closer it was turning its head around. Mind you it was moving very, very slowly but I guarantee it is real


Amazing! :-)

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They're unreal, always make me laugh haha!


true that!! It always reminds me of Flash from the movie Zootopia

Oh gosh, this is amazing but since I was young I have Sloths have always scared me!! They freak me out a lot!


hahaha! really?? They are quite unique looking and such slow movers. I am sure you will be able to get away from one if you needed to... 😉


Haha this is true! I hopefully won't come across one though!

OMG!!!! I'm so jealous.


It was awesome and incredibly surprising and random... It took me a while to work out if it was real or not

Oh my, that's pretty cool! Lucky find 🙂


Beyond lucky! If you click the link in the post it will show you exactly where I was when I saw it. No one around was even looking at it... I didn't think it was real at first until I got closer and it moved its head.

If you understood how strong your thoughts are, you would never have thought negatively. - P. Piligrimm.

@banjo , @cleverbot ,


Well then, how rude of you.

its cute and funny also :D

Love your pic - back in October I saw a sloth crossing the road in Puerto Maldonado in Peru and it was on of the highlights of my trip!

sloths are very slow creature,did you see him climbing? they do it very weirdly lol!

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yo tengo una amiga que es igualita ! jejejejeje

haha brilliant! this made me smile :)

Amazing photoshot my dear

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Did the sloth speak Spanish?

how cool! I hope nobody bothered him...he probably came down to take a crap...that's the only reason they come down from the trees =) . Nice shot!