AnimalPhotography - "A Fuzzy Face"

in animalphotography •  11 months ago

animalphotography contest sheep sunscape nature.jpg

There is just something about his fuzzy face that just draws you in. Photo taken with my Pentax K-x -f/5.6 300 mm
Thank you to @juliank for creating this #animalphotography contest for all of us to enjoy.

Until next time, this is Sunscape...

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what is the name of this animal ???


It is a sheep


but it did,t look like a sheep :P

Now that is a face only a sheep mother could love! Isn't is priceless?


hahaha, I almost said that in the post... lol I think he may have oh my it's Monday look! Have a good one Denise.


You too!

i like it

Funny face - great photo