Ethical Elephant Sanctuary


Nerd alert: I spent 7 hours researching the most ethical elephant sanctuary I could find in Chiang Mai.

After that embarrassing amount of time surfing the internet, I came to one conclusion: The most ethical elephant sanctuary was ironically called Ethical Elepant Sanctuary.

Elephant Nature Park is one of the most well known, but from what I remember reading...

...they secretly mistreat their elephants at night after the tourists go home. =/

Kinda bummed because I took extensive notes while researching so I could post too many details on steemit...

...but they disappeared that time I had the crisis of accidentally losing a lot of info on my computer.

Oh well.

At least I can tell you about where I went.

I went here for my birthday last year.

I've kind of decided that there's no such thing as a truly ethical elephant place. If a company advertises that you can take mud baths with the elephants and they have some kind of agenda...

...then they're not relaly just letting the elephants roam free.

I saw one of the mahouks (elephant caraetakers) take something sharp and poke an elephant when he thought nobody was looking.

I know a gentle poke is ok, but based on 100s of reviews I've read about other companies... it sounds like some pokes are actually hurtful.

I probably won't do an elephant thing again because of that, but it was cool getting to touch them and be so up close to them. They don't feel anything like I imagined.

They're actually pretty hairy!

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Nice to see you in our orbit here in Chiang Mai, and considering the ethics of animal tourism - thank you for that.

LOL! you had my attention at 'Nerd alert'

Hairy Elephant = NOMNB

I think you are right, I don't really know if elephants are actually fit to be tamed, without being mistreated.. Maybe the non touristic ones, I wonder...

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Oh! I have been to this place!

I will always remember vividly how a young elephant snatched the whole bunch of bananas from me without permission and seemed to laugh all the way, and how a baby elephant learn to take the banan off my hand. It was truly a moment to remember.

(Especially when they blow your hair just to mess your hair up before taking a picture with them haha)

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