Intruder Alert!

Intruder Alert!

Bald Eagle takes to flight after a Red Tailed Hawk entered its airspace!

This pair also laid three eggs, unfortunately, they suffered a devastating loss of two Eaglets. One was loss early on for unknown reasons, the second one was lost during some 90-95 mph winds. I lost track of the nest when the last remaining Eaglet was days away from Fledging.

Bald Eagles either tolerate people and able to live in close proximity or they live off in the wilderness far away from people. This pair must be one of the more tolerant pair of Eagles I've ever seen. There nest is located 100-200 yards from an apartment complex as well as a small park that is frequented by barking dogs. A construction crew is in the early stages of building a new apartment complex on the other side of said park. The nest is easily viewable without high end glass. Last but not least is a set of active rail road tracks that run between the nest tree and apartments. It can get noisy for sure. Anyhow, we're hoping and praying the new construction want be the final noisy straw that drives them away next season.




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