American Bald Eagle: Incubation January 2018

Eagle: Incubation January 2018

This is a series following one of the American Bald Eagle's nest I monitor for a near by town. A little back story, this pair is located in Boulder County Colorado. Back in 2013, Boulder County was struck by what some people call a 1,000 year storm and 100 year rain. This storm caused some where around a Billion or so in damages, destroyed countless homes etc. The nesting tree used by this pair was destroyed during this storm. The pair relocated to the nest you see here and has been utilizing this nest every since...about 5-6 years.

I'm only been monitoring this nest for two seasons. The first city they laid 2 eggs and one of the Eaglets passed away with the other fledging. This past season, the pair laid 3 eggs. Bald Eagles generally lay around two eggs with 3 eggs being some what rare...four eggs is ultra rare.

What you see here is one of the adults incubating the eggs. Its difficult to tell if its a male or female adult Eagle as they are nearly identical and they share nesting duties. One of the only ways to identify them from a distance is to see a side by side view of them, the females is larger than the males.



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