Beautiful Mormon butterfly photography #animalphotography

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Hello and Good morning friends ☕
Today I want to share with you my beautiful butterfly photos. I captured them when that butterfly enjoining honey 🍯 from my red Ixora flower bunch.
This is a "Common Mormon butterfly" (female)
Camera - Lenovo k4 mobile
Photos by @mrunalini
Thank you so much for watching 😊
Hope you will like my blog
See you in the next blog 💃
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Amazing photo. Never seen one like that before.

Thanks friend 😊

Good morning @mrunalini ....!
Wow .... beautiful butterfly and excellent photography, so i really enjoy your blog .

Wow, very attractive and different butterfly. It's looking very beautiful.

Thank you so much dear 😊

Thank you so much 😊

It's show that how nature work and how beautiful is the nature
Sorry for my bad english so please try to understand what I want to say

Thanks for your kind words 😊
Language doesn't matter friend, fillings are important 🌷

Day by day you are going good with your unique blogs by which people know about it.. @mrunalini And the good thing is that you always give information about your picture which nobody knows at all.. @mrunalini
These time i think that you have to shift through DSLR camera which gives more attractive to your pictures..@mrunalini

Good job and always keep going like this only.👍

By yours,

Thank you so much friend for your kind words 😊 I am going to take professional camera very soon. Even I am so excited for it thank you so much for your suggestion :-) I appreciate 😊🌷

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Thanks friend 😊

nice dear.

Thanks 😊

Very nice photos dear👏

Thank you so much dear 😊 @lindari 🌷

Beautiful this is, loved the colors <3 well done @mrunalini

Thank you so much friend 😊 for visiting

You're welcome, lets hopefully be a routine visitors now ;)

Wow, absolutely amazing butterfly photograph.
I really like this picture.

Thank you so much friend 😊 for your appreciation

Wow, such a beautiful butterfly beautifully captured by you.

nice photo....

Thanks friend 😊

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