A Rare Butterfly In My Room

Animal photography:
in this theme I want to show what I discovered a few days ago with my cellphone camera. a butterfly that usually perched on a flower or on a tree, this time a giant butterfly I found in my cubicle. on the wall of the room. I don't know where it came from. and I don't want to waste this opportunity to capture some photos. because I think this is a rare thing. not everyone can easily find this animal in nature there. to the place of his pet.

This giant moth is called an elephant butterfly, because of its large size, or also called the atlas moth because it is associated with the mythological figure of Atlas. but also because the patterns on the wings resemble the map. or "snake's head moth," which refers to a picture on the tip of its front wing resembling a snake's head.









CategoryAnimal Photography
Settings4-3mm, IMacro photography
CameraSmartphone Xiaomi 4x
Date photo taken2019.11.09

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