Snow White Albino Quaker babies

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(monk parakeet/parrot) native of South America

These little white angels are about 5 to 6 weeks old. They love to snuggle and fall asleep in your hands. Soon they will learn to eat seeds and fresh fruits.




Quakers are fun little parrots, and have very big personalities. They talk and mimick very well. Such a loving pet. Sometimes you can even teach them little games like peek a boo.

Thanks for visiting and peeking at the feather babies.

Every Moment Matters @kamimorrow

Photos by Tina Stiles


THESE are so damn adorable !
Wish I had one sitting in my Hand right now ♦♦ My dad (when I was young, 9 years old ) took me to an Audubon Society museum & it was great .

Oil paintings of many different types of #Birds -- #NATURE at its finest (this was in Ohio, I think)

WILL FOLLOW u, to see more ... (Re-steeming you)


Yes definitely... Thanks

@kamimorrow se ven muy tiernas hay juntitas, preciosas.

Thank you...

Hey these are really cute, is that a blue bird I see with the others?

Yes that blue cutie snuck in... 😊

Solid white, I love these!

Thank you... Me too

I have never heard of a quaker bird, nice little fellas.

Yes... I think so to

I edit photos that have red eyes, something tells me this is the real thing. Great post.

Yes you are right... They have georgeose red eyes

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