Photo Collection of the Baby Sun Conure

(Aratinga solstitialis) native to northeastern South America

These little ones are two weeks old.


A peek inside the nest box before these cuties hatched


Three weeks later....


This is the age we pull from the nest. They are raised in a Paediatric Nursery brooder and are hand fed around the clock.



Three weeks later....

Babies now have pins and some feathers.

These little ones just ate baby food and are laying down for a nap.



Play time.....


Six weeks later....

Babies are now fully weaned and ready for their new pet homes.

Raising these little Suns is such a fun process, every baby has so much personality.


Thanks for visiting and peeking at the feather babies.

Every Moment Matters @kamimorrow

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Very interesting story, I've never seen such little chicks.

Thanks and good wishes....

Wow! They are just so lovely..

Thanks and good wishes

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very good post friends, I really like it

Thank you and kind wishes

you are welcome, friend

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Wow that is amazing!!!. Love that birds

Thanks so much

it's fun and cuty birds, thank you for sharing

Thanks and kind wishes

This is another cuties! :) thank you for sharing them.

Captivating photos, I especially love the pastel colors of the babies. Bravo!

Thank you how sweet...

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