Got my eyes on you..

in animalphotography •  8 months ago

Hey Steemit!

Have a look at these amazing Bataleur eagles in B&W and colour, from the Kalahari Trans-frontier park in Namibia. Which one do you prefer? Black with all the shades of grey is amazing with the contrasting white back ground. I feel its very effective.

Berghaanx2 copy.jpg

Here is another shot, where they kindly changed their poses. Their colours are really interesting as well so I felt it was a nice addition to this post. Please leave a like and a folow if you would like to see more in the future, I post regularly.


Please have a look at some of my other work: here is another eagle from yesterday and here curated by the guild @curie , a post that im sure validates this as original content because they do the best curation around.

Have a nice day and please visit tomorrow!

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Colour looks much better.

buenas fotografias y espectacular aves...@jakesdewet


muchos gracias @memox17 !

Now the choice would be to go with colour with that lovely tawny colour on the wings and that handsome red beak and claws. B&W turned out stunning reflecting into shades of grey contrasting with the black, no decision both are excellent @jakesdewet

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Hey @joanstewart My son is the more tech savy one and he says that he will join discord on our behalf. His steemit tag is @hansdewet. Thank you for your kind words and the awesome support!


Followed and welcomed him to the team today, sorry have a bad internet connection at the moment terribly slow getting around.

Ask you son to show you Discord, it is super easy once you get there and come join the team as well. Open to all South African's and people born here and moved to yonder lands.

Wow, those are beautiful! I do love those colours though :)

Great job man. Come join us on Team South Africa.


I sent my son over to discord he is better at these things than me. We have a few people on steemit from SA that we will join.


Awesome, good stuff :)

Looking forward to seeing you all there!

Beautiful. Found you at @teamsouthafrica discord group.
Black and white works very well here.


Dankie @reonlouw . Thanks for the comment.

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wow very nice i like the brutal post 😍😍😍


Thank you for you nice comment @angeltirado

I normally would run with color (especially with colorful things, like these bird), but this photo works really well in black and white. :)


I thought so too. Really glad you are enjoying my work!

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Cool thanks!

Wow! The colors are so subtly beautiful. I would typically go for the black and white, as I love seeing the different tones of black and grey that come from it. But the picture with color just pops at you so gently. I love It!


Thanks for the comment :)

I really like the black and white!


I secretly like it slightly more.


Thanks for the kind words

Those are some good looking birds!

The black and white is an amazing picture. Looked like the eagles fit in with those colours. This just made the colour picture stand out more!


I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Wow! Awesome pics indeed... It's hard to pick a favourite... but I think I prefer the colour version :-)

Catch you on the @teamsouthafrica discord!


Both awesome photos, @jakesdewet, but I'm leaning towards the black & white because it's so sharp and the shades of grey are exquisite. I read a book years ago about people with strange neuropsychiatric conditions, and one of the stories was about an artist - an extremely successful painter - who had permanent brain damage from an accident...and could no longer see in colour. However, he continued painting in shades of grey and the results were incredible, as he had the capability to see "more" shades than the rest of us. I think your camera picked up some of the "more". Thanks for sharing!


hehe. Thanks for the comment. I dont think you can count the different amount of shades. And that makes it so amazing I think...


Indeed it does. I wonder how many shades of grey the human eye can perceive, in comparison to how many a digital camera can pick up....