Beautiful cat doll,

in animalphotography •  6 months ago

Years ago I found a kitten and I took it home. I took it to the doctor because his belly was swollen. I thought it was a month. His belly was full of worms and it wasn't a month. She was 3 months old but because of worms and aphagías it looked like 1 month. I was breastfed my palm every night because she hadn't been able to get love from her mom I don't know where she was. Probably dead. Finally, I gave it to a colleague who wanted a cat. These...

i'm very much to hear that one my friends adopted and now the beautiful cat doll is at her home.hope there she will spend more good time. because now she is at her home. my friends home is far from my home, i will go to her home to get more photo of beautiful doll, .hope at that time cat doll will be more health and happy than today.

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beautiful cat

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