Sunday Animalphotography

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This is an area of town called El Estero, I don't know if it is the mouth of a stream or an arm of the sea entering land, I don't even know if it is fresh or salt water. I know people fish there but frankly I wouldn't eat a fish knowing it comes from there.

This should be one of the prettier parts of town, it is cool it is pretty and it is practically in the center of town, but it has been neglected and the water is contaminated. There is word of a project to restore this whole area, but in this country these projects stay like that, just projects.

Still there is a lot of wildlife here, birds, turtles, crabs, fish some reptiles and of course a lot of insects. They used to have crocodiles here, but they started growing a lot, I once saw one that was over six feet in length so they trapped them and took them to a wild life refuge.

I took these pictures today, two of them are from a heron in flight, you can see a PVC pipe there one of the reasons for the contamination, another is of a "zanate" (grackle) that wasn't afraid of me, in another if you look closely you will see some turtles, another is just a view of El Estero and then there is a picture of a rooster I found tied close by. I hope you like them.

Turtles - Look around the middle of the picture for them.

El Estero



A colorful rooster


Heron flying in these two pictures (Well I believe it is a heron)

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Wow,Those are some pretty trees

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Nice photos... that ambient feels so... so... Spanish!!!

Nice pictures. Good job and thanks for checking out my page.

What kind of flow does it have? Just wondering because of the color and signs of stagnation...

Namaste, JaiChai


Very little flow, luckily it doesn't have a bad smell.