📸 The most venomous fish: Photos of a pink Stonefish!

Hi dear blog readers, in this post I want to present you my own photos of a very special looking Stonefish, the most venomous fish in the world!

You really don't want to touch, or to step on a stonefish (it´s very deadly!) and the bad thing is, that it is hard to identify them because they can tarn themselves very well...

That´s why the the diving guides on the boat always told us not to touch something, even if if you have to because of strong current for example, before checking out if it is really just a stone and not a StoneFISH. :-)

Quote: "... If the stone has eyes, never touch it!!!" xD

I have seen this pink coloured stonefish below during a dive in the Maldives (South Ari Atoll) and it was a situation like this... I had to search something to grap because of strong current and I checked out this "stone". Fortunately I noticed that the stone was looking weird and then I saw the eyes!!! :-)

Here are my photos of the pink coloured stonefish, which I have taken during my diving holidays in the Maldives in November 2017:



I have never seen a white-pink coloured stonefish before and Im really happy that I haven´t touched it, but it was cool to meet this dangerous guy! 👌

Best regards from Berlin and hear you in my next article!

Jonas Ahrens @future24


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Amazing stuff once again! If we ever get together, it'll be peppers and adventures!

Thank you very much for your feedback and your visit @papa-pepper! Steem On!
Haha yes, the Future-Peppers Adventures! ;D

Wow, the fish does look dangerous! I am glad you didn't touch it! Must have been a really cool experience!

Thanks @joyandhappiness and yes, Im also happy that I haven´t touched it! xD

Love Your work and photography Keeep it up @future24 Resteemed

Thank you very much and Steem On @sehrishfatima!

Love your underwater stuff!🙏💚🤘🐚🐙

Thank you bro and Steem On! 🤘

Hat dir der Steinfisch zugezwinkert? :D

You are very lucky that you noticed his eyes in time. Good luck to you and Good.

Thanks for your feedback @cranium and congratulations for reaching the #monthlyauthorbadget goal for the thirt time !

Oh God, didn't know that it's the most venomous fish in the world! Well, anyway, I wouldn't touch any stones with eyes, that's creepy:)

No, please never touch it @alyonavs! xD

Hello, I did not know this fish with these colors!
what a feat to make this kind of pictures!

Thanks for your feedback @archeothot and greetings from germany!

The fish camouflaged well.
upvoted and followed!

Oh yes, it´s really difficult to identify this fish with this colour. :D
Thanks for your visit and feedack @hostyz!

Awesome animal photography ..Really I check your photo ..Carry on dear..

Thanks @mousumimou and Steem On!

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