Two Curlews withstand the bad weather

It is cold and wet outside at the moment and the weather ist not in my favorite condition. The combination of cold and wet is something I really don't like but winters are a bit crazy here in Austria at the moment. Not really a beautiful winter with a lot of snow and cold but instead this rainy wet situation, which is not really the best weather to do some birdphotography outside. There is also a little bit of fog that makes the pictures really dull and not with so beautiful crisp colors if there would be a little more sunlight.

Two curlews and a Duck in the shallow water. Picture: Florian Glechner.

Camera usedNikon D5100
Lens usedNikor 18-105mm lens
Filter usednone
Exposure Time1/500 Seconds
Aperture usedF13
Focal Length18 mm
Time10:41 am

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