Bird Singing to Attract a Mate Bangkok Thailand animalphotography

in animalphotography •  9 months ago

I say singing, but this bird was really screaming. Whenever this type of bird calls, it is loud enough to get me up from my computer in Bangkok, Thailand to find out what is going on. This close-looking shot is really taken at quite a distance from me.

His call seems to have worked; and the little lady is showing some interest. They flew off somewhere for privacy after this.

Bird singing to attract a mate Bangkok Thailand fitinfun.jpg

My entry is for today's animalphotography @photocontest by @juliank. I’m using a Canon ELPH160 point and shoot camera.

Before and after later that same life fitinfun.jpg

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Hallo, hallo! Anybody there?
Kryptonia @nexit


Hi there! Yes, I'm here. Thank you so much for your visit :)

too bad we can't hear his song. I'm inclined to say the bird is most likely male. :-)


I think you are right about that. I will try to record the song one day soon.

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Males hollering on top of their voices to attract the ladies again @fitinfun at least you have some bird life to enjoy.

Amazing way to attract the female bird! Im wondering if how many were attracted to this bird.

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