White Bangkok Rooster

in animalphotography •  9 months ago


There are some myths that enveloped chicken bangkok with white color. Each of these myths comes from different regions.
1. Reject Reinforcement
The first myth of white bangkok chicken associated with the means of repellent reinforcements. Chicken bangkok white when kept at home, is believed to make all the diseases and disturbance that want to degrade the owner of the house becomes rejected. This is why white bangkok chickens are often sought by paranormal just like chicken cemani or black chicken.

2. Fear Chicken Opponent
Charisma of white bangkok chicken is felt stronger than starlings. This is not a myth because it can be proven directly. If you have a white bangkok chicken, remove it adjacent to the chicken. See what reaction happened to the chicken.

3. Making a Fuss at the Arena
Ads myths that mention that white bangkok chicken if brought to the arena of action can cause a commotion. This myth is based on the experience that white bangkok chicken when bolstered will be able to make his opponent ran even though the new game begins 10 seconds

4. Can Make Winning Opponents Mental Down
If you meet a strong mental opponent, white bangkok chicken will fight all-out. As when the opponent blows on his head so that fresh blood is pouring from the wound, the opponent's chicken will usually become mentally down. Fresh red blood flowing in contrast to the white color of the chicken's feathers will make your opponent's fighting chicken mentally go down forever. He will never again fight with bringas. This is why rarely anyone wants to preach his chicken with white bangkok chicken.

5. Hard to Beat
The last myth about white bangkok chicken is his foresight in avoiding the opponent's punch. This myth actually arise due to the color of white bangkok white dazzling, especially if pitted in the morning. Glare from the color of white cock feathers make the opponent can not look at the shot with certainty.

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