throwbackthursday: Smile At The Snake Guy

in animalphotography •  5 months ago

This is going to be a #sttp (straight to the point) kind of post. It is another Thursday, and another time to share way back memories of ours using the #throwbackthursday tag.

The photo below is that of a beautiful Snake caught in my working complex during my compulsory Students Industrial Work Experience Scheme (SIWES) program, in partial fulfilment of the requirements needed to be awarded a degree. Anyway let's take a look.

Can Someone Explain The Improper fraction between the head and body please? 😀.

We arrived the Estate the company I was doing my internship was constructing on a beautiful morning and saw a few guys gathered around this beautiful creature. I got close to it but I touched it by induction 😁. Can you feel me touching such a lovely Snake?

I tried resizing this photo but the Snake refused 😀.


The photos above were taken around December 2015. This is my contribution to @gee1's #throwbackthursday post. Thanks for smiling with the Snake guy 😁😁😁.

I will really love to have a Snake this Big if I am trained on how to manage it without it having me settled on its Stomach one day 😀😂😀.

What do you think about tge Snake? Have you gotten close to a Big Snake like this before? I would love to see your comments.


My Signout Message is:

Live And Let's Live, The World Is Big Enough For Everyone.



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That is so cool...
That's a big one...I love markings on his body:)



I was told one can guess the age of a snake through the Markings.

It is really a big snake


Yeah a big and scary one!!!


OOO that’s awesome Emmanuel! That’s one cool slytherin friend :) haha I like the comment on how the snake refused to be resized. I’ve petted snakes in captivity before but never grabbed one from the wild


😂 I don't know anything about snakes, I just love their creepy nature.

I like this:

I’ve petted snakes in captivity before but never grabbed one from the wild

It will be nice to share your experience, I may learn a thing or two on managing Snakes.

Wow.. That is a huge snake 🐍😲 lol
Your brave to stand there and touching it.. Not sure that I would although I find snakes fascinating 😜 you really want one?
I can sneak up on ya... Sneaky snake Sass 😂
I hope you are having a wonderful week. Much love ❤️😘🤗❤️


Lol. It is really huge.

I seriously love snakes but afraid I may end up in their Stomach if it gets super excited.

Thanks for coming around dear, I look forward to having you sneak up one on me 😂😁😂.

Much love too my Awesome one.

I have only come close to snakes when they have been killed. But whether dead or alive, i cant touch it. Well done brother. Am a Jwee too


Lol. Whether dead or alive? Issorait 😁. I may get you some one day.

Thanks for coming around sis.

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Thanks 😀

The snake is very big o.But u tried holding it .
I can't even stand the site of snake(both the one dead or blessing).


Lol, Snakes are beautiful and peaceful creatures if you understand them though 😂

Thanks for coming around

Friend that is a very big snake, They are fearsome in many places just like I have panic


Lol. The snake was really big.

Don't panic though 😁